Archival Protection

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'D-S' System CD Storage System
Secol Technology now provides a neat solution to the problem of safely keeping track of CD and DVD digital ROMS. The system features an inert polyester based disk pocket with separate index pocket for catalogue data which stays permanently with the disk, giving each anonymous disk a clear and searchable identity. 50 pockets (ie 2 packs) fit comfortably in the compact archive flip-top box to provide very easy searching of the index information and retrieval of a particular disk in seconds. The space reduction over normal jewel cases is around 80%, whilst the level of safety and measure of control the system provides you with is 100%!

Item Size Code Pack

Maroon CD Storage Box (takes 2 packs DS02) 135mm x 95mm x 180mm DS01 10.95 Each

CD Storage Pockets with Index Cards

130mm x 176mm
(cards 44mm x 122mm)
DS02 9.85 25

NEW Secol Library Edition Double Pockets for digital Archives
The full depth double-pocket from Secol allows a CD or DVD to be stored directly next to its own index card or complete thumbnail reference.
The latest advances in polyester welding technology have enabled this face-to-face double enclosure system to be manufactured and it provides the perfect solution for safely juxtaposing data and metadata.
The size of the pocket has been extended to cover a conventional sized music CD jewel case insert, thereby enabling safe and space efficient archiving of audio collections.

The Library edition pocket is ideal for Image Libraries where the full sized thumbnail references make handling and catalogueing a large disk collection far more effective, meaningful and efficient. It also offers professional photographers the opportunity to easily add branding and presentation to their CD's when presenting them to Customers.
The Secol double pocket fits the DS01 Flip Top storage box and also the DS03 Library Drawer. A separate index card is available, lined on one side for text and plain on the other.

Library Edition Double Pocket Pack of 50 125 x 160mm LEC3 16.80

Double Pocket Index Card Pack of 50 120 x 155mm ICD02 3.65

Secol 'A-S' Multi-File
for CD ROM Storage

For Photographers or Archivists with an existing system commitment to hanging files or binders, Secol's new multi-file system is an excellent means of integrating CD ROM storage. Manufactured in inert, archive quality polyester based clear film, each page is designed to store 2 CD or DVD digital discs with their own dedicated index pocket which can be used for library text, printed thumbnails or actual 5"x4" transparencies. A 5th pocket extends the options for media cards or additional indexing. The beauty of the design means that each page will fit neatly with all existing A-S Film and print storage, and scans can be stored and indexed alongside their transparencies in logical project groups. The Secol ASCD2 Multi-File can be used in either binder format or (with the addition of filing bars) suspended format, thereby offering a flexibility to blend with existing systems. To facilitate this versatility, Secol have provided a security flap closure system on the disc pockets to keep them snugly protected in either vertical or horizontal position.

Item Size Code Pack

Multi Page A-S Hanging File 317mm x 260mm ASCD2 24.35 50

Hanging Pocket Index Cards

147mm x 100mm ICD01 6.40 100