Clamshell Style

Clamshell Style

Clamshell Style Boxes are made in single piece. Approx. 45mm standard depth.

They are supplied fully assembled and ready for immediate use.  

They are designed to fit snugly with Secol high clarity Polyester Pockets, Covers, Sleeves and Folders as they are perfect for storage, transportation and presentation.

These solid and safe solander-style boxes will hold up to 100 prints and stack neatly on shelves building a well-protected fully indexes print archive.

Code Name Overall
Format Application Material Pack Ex. VAT Inc. VAT
B0175TG13 Standard Archival Box 7 x 5" Taupe 200x142x52mm 185x130x47mm 7x5"
7x5" Prints etc
1000 Micron Taupe Boxboard
1x £6.10 £7.32

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