CD Indexed Archive System

CD Indexed Archive System

The Secol CD Indexed Archive System comprises inert, archival Polyester based pockets, each with a separate index card section at the top.

50 pockets can be stored in the neat, flip-top archive box, where the index cards can be "flicked" through in seconds to locate a particular disc by numbers, key-words or even thumbnail prints.

In addition to providing the safest of passive environments for your valuable data and the fastest physical retrieval times, the system produces up to 80% saving in space required.

The small "footprint" of the "D-S" archive box also offers the facility for it to be placed next to your computer whilst it is being used, and it can also be readily transported or locked away in a safe location when not required.

Code Name Overall
Format Application Material Pack Ex. VAT Inc. VAT
DS02 CD/DVD Pockets With Index Cards 130 x 176mm 44 x 122mm
CD, DVD storage
Secol Polyester
25x £13.15 £15.78
DS01 Flip Top CD/DVD Storage Box Maroon 135 x 95 x 180mm 135 x 95 x 180mm
DS02, CD/DVD Storage
Maroon flip-top archive box
1x £17.50 £21.00
DS01BK Flip Top CD/DVD Storage Box Black 135 x 95 x 180mm 135 x 95 x 180mm
CD/DVD Storage
Black flip-top archive box
1x £17.50 £21.00

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