Certificate & Panoramic Pages

Certificate & Panoramic Pages

The Secol Certificate Pages are manufactured from glass-clear archival and acid-free 75 Micron Polyester film. They provide a safe way of storing the elongated traditional certificates of Births, Marriages and Deaths.

Certificates are the vital index to family history and well worth the investment of museum quality storage so they will be in the very best condition for future historians. They are also useful for panoramic prints, charts and other outsize formats.

Panoramic Pages  are also manufactured from glass-clear archival 75 Micron Polyester film. They are design to store Panoramic Photographs and Prints back-to-back. Pages can be arranged in a properly indexed and chronological order and browsed like a book without danger or contamination of ungloved hands. A useful plan can be to print in the same size outline diagram with all names in adjacent pocket so it can be cross-referenced quickly alongside the photograph.

Interleaves in Panoramic, Certificate and other Outsize formats are available as BESPOKE SERVICE 

For archival Gloves, Tissue and Labels go to ACID FREE ACCESSORIES

Code Name Overall
Format Application Material Pack Ex. VAT Inc. VAT
P1SC400260Y75X Certificate Pages PK 10 400 x 260mm Certificate
Certificates, outsize documents
Secol Polyester
10x £18.00 £21.60
P1SC400260Y75 Certificate Pages PK 25 400 x 260mm Certificate
Certificates, outsize documents
Secol Polyester
25x £34.55 £41.46
SPASP Panoramic Pages PK 10 1200 x 310mm Outsize
Panoramic Photographs
75 Micron Secol Polyester
10x £51.45 £61.74

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