Mounting Strips & Tapes

Mounting Strips & Tapes

For mounting on plain album pages or Mounting Inserts the Secol Patented (Patent 2317336) V-Mount Strips offer security and archival safety in a neat and flexible system.

They are 200mm strips of polyester with a "V" across section, with a neutral acrylic dry-mounting strip on one outside face. Small strips can be cut to suit the particular medium and applied to the mounting board or page. Vastly superior to the limited control of photo-corner type mounts, the "V" Mount system is in use all over the World as a discreet, unobtrusive and safe means of retention and display.

For mounting larger items Mounting Corner Strips provide fast and safe means of securing an object by its corners. Comprising a rectangular strip with two dry-mount acrylic adhesive tabs at each end, the polyester is both safe and completely transparent to maintain 100% visual access at all times.

Book Mark Strips are available in 50 and 125 Micron to go gently round the open volumes.

Single & Double Sided Tapes are manufactured on a very thin carrier film of Polyester. They are exceptionally stable so can be used for permanent mounting of items or fixing polyester display Pockets, Covers, Folders & Sleeves onto acid-free Mounting Inserts.

Code Name Overall
Format Application Material Pack Ex. VAT Inc. VAT
AMTSTV814Y75 V Mount Strips 8 x 200mm 8 x 200mm
Mounting Inserts, albums
Secol Polyester
25x £10.10 £12.12
MCS11M38 Mounting Corner Strips 11 x 38mm 11 x 38mm 11 x 38mm
Mounting Inserts, baseboard
Secol Polyester
100x £5.50 £6.60
MCS20M100 Mounting Corner Strips 20 x 100mm 20 x 100mm 20mm x 100mm
Secol Polyester
100x £13.60 £16.32
BMS13M25Y50 Book Mark Strip 50 Micron 13mm x 25m Roll 13mm x 25m
Display of books
50 Micron Secol Polyester
1x £7.70 £9.24
BMS13M25Y125 Book Mark Strip 125 Micron 13mm x 25m Roll 13mm x 25m
Display of books
125 Micron Secol Polyester
1x £7.75 £9.30
PA25M66 Single Sided Tape 25mm 25 x 66,000mm Type 25mm x 66m
Permanent mounting
Secol Polyester
1x £38.85 £46.62
ARTP6M50 Double Sided Tape 6mm 6mm x 50,000mm Type 6mm x 50m
Permanent mounting
Secol Polyester
1x £9.65 £11.58
ARTP12M50 Double Sided Tape 12mm 12mm x 50,000mm Type 12mm x 50m
Permanent mounting
Secol Polyester / Acrylic
1x £19.05 £22.86

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