Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Biaxially-Oriented - Polymer molecules are drawn or stretched in both the machine and cross machine direction to achieve maximum strength.

BOPET - Biaxially-Oriented PET film.

Chemical Resistance - Ability of a polymer to withstand cracking, crazing, swelling or dissolving when in contact with organic fluids or hydrocarbon greases.

Coefficient Of Friction - The ratio of the static or kinetic friction force to the normal force.

Copolymer - Simultaneous polymerization of two or more different monomers to form a polymer.

Cover - An enclosure welded on two adjacent sides. With no holes

Dimensional Stability - The physical properties of a material which describe its dimensional response to heat or moisture.

Heat Sealability - Ability of a polymer to seal to itself or to other polymeric substrates when heat and pressure are applied.

PET - Poly(ethylene terephthalate), a linear polyester.

PETF - PET Film.

Page - An enclosure welded on three sides and open on one / pocket with holes.

Pocket - An enclosure welded on three sides and open on one. With no holes.

Polyester - A condensation polymer formed by the reaction of a dicarboxylic acid (ot its methyl ester) with a diol followed by the elimination of H2O (or methanol).

Shrinkage - The degree to which a polymer constricts when exposed to heat.

Sleeve - An enclosure welded on two parallel sides.

Tensile Modulus - The measure of the initial resistance of a material to longitudinal stretching.

Tensile Strength - The load required to break a material by longitudinal stretching.

Thermal Stability - Ability of a polymer to maintain its physical properties when exposed to high temperature.

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