Filing Pages For Binders & Portfolios

Filing Pages For Binders & Portfolios

The Standard AS Pages are designed to fit our A4 format Binders & Portfolios.

The clarity, strength and proven archival safety of acid-free Pages For Binders & Portfolios provide the perfect compromise between access and protection for valuable material.

All pages are a standard 317mm x 260mm overall with 4 holes and all pockets' dimensions are given with the open dimension first. They are available in packs of 50 and 25. Filing Pages are manufactured in three styles:

Binder Style: Separate Binding & Punched Edge, Access to Material from the top. The Vertical Pages are manufactured in that style except AS203S4SE and AS204S7SE which are open from the outside edge.

Security Style: Opening along the Punched Edge, Material is Secure on all sides when placed in a binder. Certificate, Panoramic and Display Pages for Portfolios are manufactured in Security Style.

Hanging Style: Separate Binding Edge, Access to Material from the Punched Edge. Hanging Pages are manufactured in that Style. When Hanging Bars are placed into the punched edge, files can be used in conventional cabinets or the Secol Hanging File Storage Unit  They also adequately fit our range of BINDERS & PORTFOLIOS

Filing Pages are available in a wide range of pockets' dimensions as Bespoke Service. Please feel free to contact us. Request Form

The ARCHIVAL INTERLEAVES provide a protective and visual barrier so they can enhance a collection simply by putting between pages or sections.

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